Applications For Massive Government Internships For Fresh Graduates:Check on How to Apply & Deadline

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On  August 30, Ministry of ICT offered numerous opportunities for fresh graduates to apply to the Cohort VII of the Presidential Digital Talent Program for 2022–2023.





All the successful recruits will participate in a structured 12-month internship program in both the public and private sectors, according to a notice from the ICT Authority.




The  above program’s goal is to educate and equip recent ICT graduates to take advantage of job possibilities that arise in both the ICT and other sectors.

Note that  application window closes at midnight on Monday  September 19th 


Part of the Notice read “The program provides participants an excellent opportunity to gain workplace experience,




expand knowledge, mentorship, refine career goals and build professional networks in various sectors.”




All the Successful graduates will be placed in various disciplines including network and infrastructure, graphics and design,




information security, research and innovations, project management among others.




Basic Requirements

Every applicant  must complete and submit all applications online at





The Online submission of a fully completed application form is required. (No submissions sent on paper will be considered.)

Any  incomplete applications won’t be taken into consideration.





The  applicants must submit the required documents, including copies of their National Identity Card,



a passport-sized photo, their KCSE and degree certificates, as well as a receipt or certificate of good conduct.





The Candidates’ Eligibility




An applicant must have graduated with first or second-class honors (or the equivalent) from a recognized institution within the last two years from the date of the advertising in 2019.





An applicant should be a recent graduates of a variety of programs, such as a Bachelor of Science in ICT or Engineering.




The graduates should be well-versed in a wide range of fields, including network and infrastructure, engineering, applications development, graphics and design, information security, and project management.





Just before the interview, applicant could additionally need to present technical competence in their area of specialization.




An applicant should not have undertaken any other internship program in the government and are unemployed.






Every successful applicants should be willing to be deployed in any government organisation within the 47 counties on a full-time basis from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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