Government Begins The Process Of Firing Striking Doctors From Payroll.

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KMPDU Deputy SG Miskellah Among Doctors Fired As Strike Rages On.




Despite a court order stopping the government from intimidating or firing striking doctors, some striking medics’ have received dismissal letters and have had their salaries for the period they have been on go-slow withheld.




Among those who have already received sack letters are Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) Deputy Secretary General Dr. Dennis Miskellah.



In a letter seen by Citizen TV, Dr. Miskellah was fired from his position as Senior Medical Officer by the Embu County government for “desertion of duty.”



The KMPDU Deputy SG was also informed of his right to appeal the decision within six months before the County Public Service Board.



“This is to convey to you the decision of the County Public Service Board vide letter Ref: No ECG/CPSB/HR.31/VOL.III/32 dated 29th January, 2024 which resolved you be dismissed from service on account of desertion of duty/gross misconduct as stipulated in the Human Resource Policies and Procedure Manual for the Public Service dated May 2016 Section D.25 (1),” read the letter.





“Kindly be informed that you have a right to appeal and Application for Review of the County Public Service Board decision within a period of Six (6) Months from the date of this letter in accordance to the revised discipline Manual for the Public Service dated 2022 (Section 5.0 and 5.1). Your appeal should be made to the County Public Service Board and a copy to the authorized Officer in relevant department.”




In Kajiado County, the Governor Ole Lenku-led administration on Thursday announced that it has stopped salaries of all striking doctors working in the devolved unit.




Ole Lenku said the county will also not remit doctors’ contributions to the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU), and that the medics will be required to write show-course letters explaining why they’re participating in an illegal protest against a court order.




“We are left with no option but to stop the salaries of the striking doctors and begin a disciplinary process that is legal and that would finally resolve this problem. We wish also to say that we will not remit dues to unions that are coercing intimidating our doctors who are on duty,” said the Governor.



Even as this continues, the doctors union said their weekly protests return next week on Tuesday, and their demands remain the 19 issues which must all be addressed.




KMPDU Secretary General Dr. Davji Atellah, in a press address on Thursday, said: “The Cabinet went ahead and endorsed Ksh.70,000 for doctor interns…that shows you the contempt in which the government has decided to hold this profession. As a union, we are saying, Yes, we can negotiate about everything else, but not on any issue that violates the sanctity of the CBA.”




The union Chairman Dr. Abidan Mwachi, on his part, said: “The strike continues and it’s on another gear based on the lies by the Cabinet Secretary…we are now back to our 19 demands in full, in total, because we do not trust their words anymore.”




The doctors say the government is not willing to implement the 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and has instead chosen threats and intimidation.




“There is no money, no victimization no threats that will change our minds on this and that is why we told them if you think you have given us something worthwhile, but you are violating our interns, it’s a No and it will remain a No until everyone is protected,” reiterated Dr. Atellah.




“We would like to congratulate every doctor who has received a show course letter or a sacking letter; put that in your remembrance album, it will show your blood, your strained soul or the foot of the sand. Your Chairman has been sacked 8 times, it will become totally embarassing at the end of this bitterly embroiled war if you come out with nothing,” said Dr. Mwachi.




Dr. Atellah, in a letter to the Nairobi Regional Police Commander, has since notified of another doctors’ strike scheduled for Tuesday next week, further requesting for police security.

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