DP Gachagua Apologises To Mama Ngina For Mishandling Her During Elections

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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has apologised to former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta for what he termed as bad politics during the 2022 General Elections.




Speaking from his Karen residence on Monday, Gachagua pleaded with Kenya’s first lady to forgive the political fraternity for mudslinging her during the campaigns.




“I am sorry for involving Mama Ngina Kenyatta in the last general elections politics. She is our mother. I therefore ask for forgiveness on behalf of our team for any inconvenience caused to her. I will never allow anyone to demean her or anyone from the region,” Gachagua told Kameme TV.


“The former President Uhuru Kenyatta is our son. We worked together for 17 years and only disagreed for 2 years and now that’s the past. I pray for him in his retirement. Uhuru is one of us. We shall talk with everyone.”


In the same breath, the Deputy President called on leaders to embrace unity within the Mount Kenya Region and the country.




“Our unity is our strength and that’s why I keep insisting that our generation should be protected. Anytime we are in the government we need to have unison in our thinking and loving one another.”




Not long after the 2022 polls, DP Gachagua took on Mama Ngina in a political brawl on several occasions while also targeting former President Uhuru Kenyatta, her son.




During a public address in Nyeri County, he had asked Mama Ngina to surrender half of the Kenyatta land estate to the Mau Mau and their children which he claimed was grabbed.




DP Gachagua added that he is ready to mobilise the Mau Mau families to receive the land from the former first family.




“I was so happy yesterday to see people saying that they are thinking of how to help the Mau Mau. Even if they have never helped them since 1963 it’s still not late because the Mau Mau and their descendants are suffering,” said the DP during a public address.



“All we’re asking is for them to help the Mau Mau in a meaningful way. All the land they took from the Mau Mau, let them return at least half of the parcels of land to the Mau Mau and their children including myself.”

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