Shock as Four People Commit Suicide In Kirinyaga In Just One Week

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38-year-old man has died by suicide in the Ngugu-ini area of Ndia, Kirinyaga country, bringing the number of suicides reported in the area to four in just a weekend. 

According to Kirinyaga-west sub-county police commander Moses Koskei, Martin Macharia Kuguru died by suicide using a new rope he had purchased.


His neighbours said his wife, who died in 2013, also took her life in a similar manner.

“It is sad that the family members have told me that his wife committed suicide on 2013  the same way Macharia hanged himself. I don’t know what is happening in our society.’ Koskei said.

Elsewhere, a 60-year-old man was found dead at a toilet in a private school after telling his wife that he was taking their cows to graze.

Stephen Muchiri, 60, was discovered dead inside a local private school’s toilet, according to family members led by Onesmus Muthee Mugo.

“I was shocked after I was told my brother Muchiri, who is also a church leader, had committed suicide in a private school ‘s toilets,” Muthee said.

The deceased was discovered dangling on a new rope attached to the toilet roofing, according to Samuel Kahindi, the in-charge at Mikima-ini village.

The Association  of Counselling and psychological association Kirinyaga  (KCPA ) Kirinyaga branch  has  expressed concerns over rise in the number of suicides in the region

Kamau Muchira, the chairperson of the Kirinyaga branch of the KCPA, says that suicide needs to be addressed in order to prevent further harm from being done to the community.

‘We are very worried much worried  as men are more committing suicide than men .suicide is  a hugely sensitive and complex issue with a tangle of causes.’ Muchira said.

Women consult friends, whereas men value independence and decisiveness and view acknowledging a need for help as weakness. According to Muchira, women are less likely to commit suicide because they feel inadequate in some way.

“Many cases  of suicide in Kirinyaga County are occasional by domestic-related violence ,land cases and abuse of drugs,” Muchira said.

“Losing four  men in two days is a big loss to the community.”

Between Saturday and Sunday, four people died by suicide in the Kirinyaga central, Mwea-east, and Ndia sub-counties.

On Saturday, a 50-year-old man committed suicide in Kirinyaga Central’s Githioro village; a 47-year-old man committed suicide in Ndia’s Mururu-ini village; and a 60-year-old man hanged himself in Mikima-ini village in Mwea-east sub-county.

Confirming the incident, Kirinyaga West sub-county police commander Moses Koskei said two men committed suicide in his sub-county.

“We have taken  two men  karatina and Kerugoya mortuaries  on Saturday and Sunday  society must address  the root causes of this suicides; it took much.” Koskei said.

Counsellor Muchira said church leaders should come out and guard men because  men in African  society were not  supposed  to show their emotions.

“Are we going to watch men killing themself sincerely in Kirinyaga ,let’s fight the menace.” Muchira said.


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