David Moya & Art: This What He Charges To Do A Surprise On Tik Tok.

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If you are one of the many Kenyans who has a TikTok account, then you must have seen David Moya surprising many




with his dancing skills. David Moya is one of the Tik Toker who has made it through his dancing skills to the top to an extent of making money from it.





Well through his challenge, Moya has managed to get many invites by his




followers to promote their brands or surprise their loved ones both in Kenya, Africa and in diaspora.





How much does he charge to do a surprise or promote a brand?





According to reports shared by Mkenya in Facebook, Moya is currently charging Kshs 26,000 shillings for a TikTok





campaign for any that is interested and a whooping Kshs 18,000 shillings for a challenge.




For those who want him to join a challenge then they will have to pay him Kshs 8,000 shillings.Promoting a brand is



Kshs 16,000 shillings and Kshs 10,000 shillings for a campaign on Instagram.On YouTube he charges Kshs 10,000 shillings for a campaign.





Through his dancing skills and surprises, Moya has managed to travel to Zimbabwe and other African countries. He is also the founder of Moya City Spa located in Nairobi Kenya.





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