Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Treats First Year University Students To A Loan Disbursement, 2021

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After the second and subsequent loan application and disbursement of the second year student loans, it is now time for our first years to start preparing for their awards this month.

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It is therefore very important that you keep your bank details alert because the moment you receive your notification you already have money with you. The Higher Education Loans Board Has Really Assisted many students especially those with little or no income at all.

The government opened room for all tertiary institutions regardless of the level. They are all eligible for the loans. The same way you earn in your universities is the same way another one earns in that polytechnic or college.

You all have equal rights to receive your loan award so long as you are government sponsored. Thanks to the management because now education gets even cheap with the aid.

It is a relief to all first year students as The Higher Education Loans Board(HELB) has announced that first-year students admitted to universities this year will get their first disbursement of student loans before end of October.

Another problem arises whereby most students had no ID to apply for the loan. Most of them are said to be underage thus to possibly wait till next time. I don’t know whether this is the main reason but I guess it matters a lot. It is therefore good that they follow up with their ID’s to avoid the same come next year. Otherwise, for those who complied, things are very okay and expect your loans in any time from now.
The first time applicants will have received their allocation by October that will help them in paying for their first semester. Helb CEO Charles Ringera added already 10,000 state sponsored students have received their first disbursement.

He added that they have received an overwhelming 85,000 applications fronted seeking a pie of the study loans and the funds are meant to support the payment of their tuition fees and come at a time the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the economic status of the majority of households.

Besides it will mean almost half of the students selected to join university this September under government sponsorships will miss out on student loans.

Beneficiaries will get about Sh37,000, a downward revision from the previous allocations of Sh45,000.

This in effect means that 63,073 students are set to miss out on the study loans which weighs in on their ability to cater for their studies.


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