Book Review: Inheritance By David Mulwa

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Title: Inheritance
Author: David Mulwa
Publisher: Longhorn, Kenya
Year Of Publication: 2004
Genre: Play
Reviewers: Onana Victor and Shem Maroko
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“This is a book that opens up the brain of both the leader and the led. It is prudently imperative to crave it.”   Onana Victor




Mulwa’s play, Inheritance is a classic depiction of all that go wrong out there in our leadership circles.



He paints a clear picture on how individualism cocktailed with greed and incompetence can render leaders ineffective much to the extent that social, political and economic growth of a society literally get throttled.



Kutula Colony is recently granted her independence from the colonial powers. It is an African state.





In the prologue, the traditional ruler, King Kutula XV is determined to serve his subjects the real independence, liberate his people from colonial enslavement.



The British develop disinterest in him since he resists their manipulative maneuvers of neo-colonialism. He is so open-minded in his leadership approach.




The colonial governor, a representative of the British Monarchy has been Governor Thorne Macay, he served during King Kutula XV. Governor Thorne Macay worked very closely with Bishop Menninger who happens to exhibit issues with his morals.





As the play develops, the British succeed in eliminating King Kutula XV, they had his own son, Lacuna Kasoo food poison him. A republic is born under the leadership of Lacuna Kasoo.



He gets more ruthless and brutal in his leadership approach unlike his father. In fact, he turns out to be more tyrannical than the colonial masters.




From his administration, assassinations, corruption, greed, incompetence and incompetence form basic themes with sufficient illustrations.




This oppression results into a peaceful civil revolution. The people of Kutula, led by Princess (Rev) Sangoi, King Kutula’s adopted daughter declare enough is enough. Lacuna’s dictatorial reign abruptly ends upon being overthrown.





This is a book that opens up the brain of both the leader and the led. It is prudently imperative to crave it.





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