Latest TSC Allowances In All Job Groups According To The Current Circular-2021-2025

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The Teachers Service Commission is a national, independent human resource wing for teachers in Kenya.



The body’s primary responsibility is to hire teachers and provide uniform terms and conditions of service.



Over the years, teachers’ remuneration has undergone various upheavals based on prevalent collective bargaining agreements.



Now, the TSC allowances per job group are slightly different. What are the latest allowance amounts for teachers?


The proposed collective bargaining agreement for 2021 – 2025 takes effect from July 2021.




It has new salaries and allowances for teachers in different grades. However, it is yet to start, and teachers are still enjoying allowances from the current CBA.



What is the current TSC salary scale and allowances?

Classifications of teachers’ workstation

Teachers in Kenya under the Teachers Service Commission don’t get uniform allowances.

They are paid according to their job group and workstation. It is also integral to remember that only pensionable and permanent teachers receive allowances from thee Tachers Service Commission.The following are the workstation classification created by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission:





Former Major Municipalities (Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyeri, Eldoret, Thika, Kisii, Malindi and Kitale).

Other former Municipalities; Ruiru, Kikuyu, Kitui, Machakos, Mlolongo, Athi River, Vihiga, Wote, Mumias, Bomet, Limuru, Kericho, Kimilili, Kakamega, Kapsabet, Kiambu, Bungoma, Webuye, Busia, Runyenjes, Migori, Embu, Homa Bay, Lodwar, Meru, Nyahururu, Nanyuki, Maua, Voi, Siaya, Chuka and Kerugoya/ Kutu.




Other areas; includes all regions not mentioned in bullet 1-3 above.

Educators who work in the Nairobi region get the highest allowances than those plying for their trade in remote areas.



Additionally, teachers in a higher job group enjoy a bigger allowance than those in lower groups.



Therefore, teachers are paid allowance based on ranks and job responsibilities and the regions they work in.


Types of allowances paid by the TSC

Even though most teachers’ allowances are paid monthly, some are one-off. Teachers are paid either remunerative or reimbursable allowances.

Remunerative allowances

Remunerative allowances are submitted with the teacher’s salary. Therefore, it is often presented to the teacher monthly when their wages are due.


Automatic allowances

These allowances are automatically paid to teachers monthly. This includes



medical (No longer available to teachers; it is paid directly to Minet insurance and another is given to the NHIF)



leave allowance

The TSC house allowance is one of the most common and is paid to all teacher monthly.

The allowance abides by the standard criteria, which is the teacher’s job grade and workstation. The higher the job grade, the higher the house allowance.

The hardship allowance for teachers is submitted monthly to the educators. This allowance is paid to a teacher that works in an area prone to insecurity, high risks, and harsh climatic conditions.


The commuter allowance is also paid monthly according to the teacher’s job group. Another allowance that teachers in Kenya enjoy is the leave allowance paid yearly, which is slightly different from others. Also, it is paid based on a teacher’s grade.Paid upon application

Allowances paid upon application include 5 options. As the name suggests, these are not automatically applied to a teacher’s salary either monthly or yearly, but one must apply.


Responsibility allowance

Only headteachers in job group K and below enjoy the responsibility allowance.


Special duty allowance

Special duty allowance is paid to teachers below job group M appointed in administrative posts by the commission and deployed to arid and semi-arid regions.



Interpreter’s allowance

Interpreter’s allowance is paid to deaf teachers while on study leave.

Transfer allowance

Transfer allowance is paid to teachers who have been transferred from their workstation, which is initiated by the Commission.

It includes a teacher’s basic monthly pay.

Reader’s allowance

Reader’s allowance, aka facilitation or aid allowance, is given to visually impaired educators that have met certain conditions.

It is paid at a rate of Sh15,000 per month to the blind teachers and those confined to wheel chairs by virtue of their disability.

Reimbursable expense

Reimbursable allowances are paid to teachers upon application only. The TSC only reimburses travelling expenses and quota per diem.

The commission has specified the conditions under which a teacher qualifies for travelling expense reimbursement, like travelling from duty station outside the home district on retirement.

The quota per diem is paid to teachers that are on official assignment. Any applicant must submit their request 14 days before travelling.


TSC allowances per job group

As discussed above, teachers receive allowances according to their job groups for primary and secondary school levels.

TSC house allowance per job group


Teachers in higher job groups get a bigger house allowance than their counterparts in lower groups.

For instance, one in job group D5 and works in Nairobi receives Ksh.50,000. On the other hand, someone in a similar group and works in other major municipalities receives a house allowance of Ksh.35,000.



TSC commuter allowance per job group

Commuter allowances are based on job groups. Teachers in B5 and C1 job groups receive a stipend of Ksh.4,000 while those in C2, C3, and C4 receive Ksh.5,000, Ksh.6,000 and Ksh.8,000, respectively.

The TSC commuter allowance for teachers increases with higher job groups, with D5 getting Ksh.16,000.

Hardship allowances per job group

Teachers’ hardship allowance increases gradually according to the TSC job groups and their salary scale. A teacher in the B5 category receives a hardship allowance of Ksh.6,600, while that in category D5 receives Ksh.38,100.


TSC leave allowances per job group

Leave allowances for teachers in job group B5 to C1 is Ksh.4,000, while those in job group C2, C3, C4, and C5 is Ksh.6,000. Educators in category D1 to D5 receive a leave allowance of Ksh.10,000 every year.

The current TSC allowances per job group are expected to alter after implementing the 2021-2025 collective bargaining agreement where teachers get a better deal.

The educators have been consistently fighting for better pay over the years, and these CBAs provide the right path for the realization of better working conditions.


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