Bunyore Girls’ In Western Closes Indefinitely As Students Issue Threats…

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The academics giant, Bunyore Girls High has been closed indefinitely after learners threatened to burn the school on Monday.


Immediately then, the board of management of the school swiftly instructed the school head to close the school to avoid incurring any damages.


Parents were instantly served with text messages to pick up their children on Tuesday morning.



“Good evening parents. Just to let you know that our girls are being released from school tomorrow (Tuesday) morning over tension going around in the school,” the message read.

“With the current situation in the country, the school would not like to risk. Please make travel arrangements for your girls,” the message further said.


Vihiga county education director Hellen Nyang’au on Tuesday told the Star that leaflets with threats to burn the school were scattered within the school compound and classrooms.


Nyang’au said the leaflets led to tension in the school, disrupting learning and that is the reason the board of management decided to send students home.



On Monday, 17 students at Nyang’ori High School were arrested over an arson attempt.

The situation was averted after the school administration received a tip-off from one of the learners.

At the weekend, Vihiga county education director Hellen Nyang’au said that some schools had CCTV cameras, but the administration is not using them to get the perpetrators of school fires.

“The administrations are not even able to use CCTV cameras to identify suspicious students,” Nyang’au said.

“Security guards hired to guard our learning institutions should be highly vetted by the county security team before assuming their roles, because some are irresponsible in their work,” she added.

Nyang’au said some schools were not well fenced, hence monitoring movements from within and without was a security concern.


She was speaking at a meeting chaired by county commissioner Ochilo Oyugi. Subcounty directors of education, Teachers Service Commission county director, subcounty security and intelligence committees and all school principals from the county.

The meeting was called to address unrest in secondary schools after five institutions were set on fire in one week.


The county commissioner said the strikes being witnessed in schools was an indication of a disconnect between principals, teachers, board members and students.


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