DP Ruto Cries To America For Help Against His Boss, President Uhuru

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The DP Ruto is currently seeking for the help from the USA after President Uhuru Kenyatta gave an order to registrar of political parties to deregister UDA party.

The DP Ruto has pleaded with the USA government for rescue as he indicated that President Uhuru Kenyatta has violated his rights by giving off an order to deregister the UDA party ahead of the upcoming general election.

It is still whether unclear if the DP Ruto will be on ballot come August polls following the new order by President Uhuru Kenyatta a move that has caused fear to drain at the DP Ruto camp ahead of the August polls.

The DP Ruto has written a letter to the USA government to ensure they help in seeking for justice after Uhuru orders the registrar of political parties to deregister UDA party.

The move by President Uhuru is like my to send huge jitters at the DP Ruto camp as several politicians have expressed their concern over the moves and the statement by President Uhuru.

According to the reports by the nation media group on Saturday, President Uhuru Kenyatta’ s allies led by Nyeri Town Member of Parliament Hon Kimani Wambugu, Nyeri MP Hon Kanini Kega, and Maina Kamanda have come out guns blazing accusing DP William Ruto of illegally gaining entry to the Jubilee Party Database and allegedly transferred the data to UDA.

In his argument, Kimani Wambugu argues that it is unfair and misleading for DP Ruto and gja allies to claim that the newly firmed UDA Party has over 4 Million registered supporters.

The DP has also written a letter to president Uhuru as he warns him of real political battle and tsunami if he continues to give out new executive orders to frustrate the UDA party.

The move by Uhuru is a huge setback for DP Ruto since USA might not hell due to their close relationship with Raila and Uhuru.

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