Form Three Boy Destroys Family House After Being Punished By Parents For Spending Night With Girlfriend

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Shocking: A Form Three Boy Destroy House After Being Punished By Parents.

There was a dramatic scene in Matungu, Mumias after a 17-year-old form three boy destroys a house with an axe.

The form three boy studying in a local secondary school whose name was not disclosed decided to host his girlfriend in his house something which angered the parents.

The said boy’s girlfriend had come home for the second term break.

The boy used to the opportunity to invite his girlfriend who lives in the neighbouring village and decided to spend the night merry together.

When the parents discovered the incident, they were angered since the two were supposed to focus on their studies and not make love.

Things turned ugly after his father confronted him as he demand to know why he is becoming a disgrace to the family.

The boy accused the father of intruding into his affairs threatened to do something against his wishes. He even warned the parents that the girl is not going anywhere.

The angry father descended on the boy and gave him a dog beating.

After the girl was freed, the boy took an axe and a mattock and destroyed the iron sheets of one of the houses in their homestead as villagers watch in disarray.

No one dared go near the furious boy who scared anybody who go near him. After he accomplished his mission vacated the village.

Local elders said they will pursue the case and have the young boy arrested who is also suspected to be a drug addict arrested for his actions.

Are the students changing tune from school arson to destruction of properties at home?

Students of Chavakali High School shocked many a few weeks ago when allegedly slaughtered three schools bulls and shared the meat among themselves, torched a dormitory and finally left the school compound.

The majority of students have left Kenyans in shock at the way they are conducting themselves in schools and at home instead of focusing on their studies.

Just two weeks ago another girl from Bonet county destroyed two houses using an axe and cut down several bananas after she was freed from her boyfriend and punished by her parents.

Parents are urged to be very careful while with their children at home for the short half term break.


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