Formers CS Sacked By Uhuru Finds Favor In Ruto’s Heart In His Latest State House Appointment.

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The President of Kenya, William Ruto had not yet made very important




appointments with regards to State House in Nairobi as per the reports that we have.








This afternoon, according to the available reliable reports that we have with us, President Ruto has appointed




Former Cabinet Secretary Felix Kosgei as his new Chief of Staff at State House.

Picture courtesy. Former CS Felix Kosgei.





The Former Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, Felix Kosgei had earlier on said that he was ready to serve in




President Ruto’s government in whatever capacity that came his way.





Former Turkana Governor, Josphat Nanok has also received a major appointment as per the reports that we have with us this afternoon from State House, Nairobi.





Former Governor, Josphat Nanok has been appointed as the new State House Comptroller by President William Ruto in the appointments that have just been made.




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