How to check your Safaricom sim card registration status.

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How to check your Safaricom sim card registration status.


If you are a Safaricom subscriber, you should have received messages asking you to visit a Safaricom shop or M-Pesa agent with your original ID to update your sim registration.






There are so many questions you could be having at the back of your mind if you have received such messages. So how can you check your Safaricom sim card registration status?






There has been a surge in cybercrime and digital fraud in the telecommunications sector in recent years.




As a result, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) launched a mandatory sim card registration exercise to curb such cases in the future. Failure to meet the requirement will lead to the permanent switching off of your line.






How to register your Safaricom sim card Safaricom is encouraging its subscribers to comply with government regulations by updating their sim registration details.





This is a mandatory exercise aimed at decreasing cases of cybercrime which have increased significantly. If you are stuck on how to update Safaricom sim registration details, you need to follow the procedure below:




– Visit a Safaricom shop, dealer, or agent near you.
– Provide the original identification document you used during registration (Passport, National ID, Military ID, Alien ID, and Foreign Certificates)
-The agent will scan the original Identification document used during registration.
-At this point, you will view numbers registered under your ID.
-A passport size picture of you will also be taken at the registration point.
-You will also be asked to sign the document to complete the sim registration process.



How to check your Safaricom sim card registration status.

If you want to know the status of your sim card registration, all you need to do is dial *106# on your mobile phone and choose option 1, “Check Registration Status”.




You will receive a prompt message asking you to wait as your request is being processed.





If the registration process is successful, you will receive a text message from Safaricom informing you that your mobile number(s) are compliant with the government regulations.





Frequently asked questions on sim card registration in Kenya.

There are so many questions that you could still be having at the back of your mind on this topic.


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Sim card registration.




-How can I register my sim card if I am out of the country?
If you are not in the country, you can send an e-mail to the customer care team and request a confirmation of your sim card registration details. You should send the e-mail to




– What will happen to those numbers not captured during the sim registration process? Once the deadline has expired, Safaricom will retain the numbers and undertake verification of their registration.


If the numbers are not claimed within a period of 30 days, the company will have no other choice but to recycle the numbers.


-How long does it take to update the sim registration?

The process is pretty simple, and it only takes about three minutes to complete. The agent will scan your national ID, take your photo, and capture your signature within this time frame.


– How do I update my line if I used the credentials of another person to register my sim card?




If you used another person’s credentials to register your line, you should visit a Safaricom shop or dealer with the person whose details you used to obtain the sim card. The sim ownership will be transferred to you, and you can continue with the sim registration exercise.




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