MoE: Academic Calendar Rescheduled, Starting With The Opening Of Next Term.

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Ministry of education Kenya has released the official 2022 school calendar (2022 term dates) for all primary and secondary institutions.





In Kenya, all  primary & second school  learners  started their first term of 2022 classes on April 25, 2022.





This  term was  anticipated to last 10 weeks, that ended on July 1st, 2022 ,last week.





Ministry  of Education informs the public that the term dates alterations represent an effort to bring order to the academic calendar after the COVID 19 outbreak upended it.





With the  stakeholder involvement, the official revised term dates were decided upon in order to cover the final two terms of the 2020 school year and stabilize the academic calendar by December 2022.




This is according to  a circular from the ministry of education.





According to the ministry of education, all learners are expected to report back to school on  next (week Monday) 11th July 2022.




Opening dates   closing Dates for both primary and secondary school 



10/7/2022 1 week
Term 2 11/7/2022 16/9/2022 10 weeks
Halfterm Break 11/8/2022 14/8/2022 3 Days
Holiday 17/09/2022 25/9/2022 1 week
Term 3 26/09/2022 25/11/2022 9 weeks
KCPE 28/11/2022 1/12/2022 4 Days
KCSE 1/12/2022 23/12/2022 3 Weeks, 1 Day
KCSE MARKING 2/1/2023 20/1/2023





The above   term dates are  for the second and third terms of 2022 .

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