“Take Care of My Heart” A Man Begs Nanny Rosie To Stay In Kenya As He’ll Pay Her For This.

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  • Viral Kenyan nanny Rosie was living the life of her dreams after she got several offers, among them fully-paid trips, a scholarship and jobs by local companies. 



  • A man asked the single mother of three not to return to her Lebanese employer but stay in Kenya and take care of his heart, promising to pay her for that. 



  • Rosie recently revealed she quit her toxic marriage and travelled to Middle East for greener pasture


A Kenyan man has boldly asked viral nanny Rosie to be his girlfriend.

Viral Kenyan nanny Rosie.Viral Kenyan nanny Rosie is single mother of three. Photos: Rozah Rozalina Samson.
Source: UGC

The man, identified as Noelbunga8, commented on one of Rosie’s TikTok videos, begging her to accept him.



He asked the single mother of three not to return to her Lebanese employer but to stay in Kenya and take care of his heart, promising to pay her for that.



“Somebody tell Rosie I am single. She doesn’t have to fly just to work for others; she can take care of my heart for a pay.”

Where is Rosie now?

Rosie, the Kenyan nanny who went viral after a video showing her bidding farewell to the children she cared for emerged online.




Two of the children, Maria and Cataleya, are twins and boast a massive TikTok following. Footage shared by their parents showed them at the airport, escorting Rosie to the airport to board a plane.





Emotions ran high as the kids refused to let Rosie go, and all they did was shed tears. The parents had difficulty keeping the children away from Rosie as they clung to her.





Rosie got emotional as she wiped away tears as she parted ways with the children she cared for.



Rosie has been in Kenya since this month started and has been spending more time with her children.

The Kenyan nanny is an internet sensation and has been offered several offers, among them fully paid trips, scholarships, and jobs by local companies.




Viral nanny Rosie talks about past marriage

Rosie, who works in Lebanon as a nanny, revealed she was forced to quit her toxic marriage to search for greener pastures.





“I was in a marriage that was not working, so I decided to go look for greener pastures to be able to take care of my children,” she said in an interview with Presenter Ali.



Rosie, a mother of three kids, two boys and a girl aged 13, 6, and 4, respectively—said her DMs were full, but she was focusing on her work and raising her children, adding that she had no time for love for now.




When asked if she would go back to her ex, the mother of three said she would never go back.

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