IEBC’s Commonly Asked Questions In The Ongoing Interviews.

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Common Questions & Answers Expected In The Forthcoming Countrywide IEBC




April this year, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) advertised a total of 418,192 short-term job vacancies ahead of the country’s August 9 General Election.






The IEBC planned to engage deputy county returning officers (47), deputy constituency returning officers (290), presiding officers (52,481), deputy presiding officers (52,841), logistics officers (389), and support electoral trainers (47). (5,827).





The electoral body planned to hire 580 ICT clerks, 302,860 polling clerks, 47 county-based voter educators, 290 constituency-based voter educators, and 2,900 ward-based voter educators.





The commission has since started the interviewing process of the officers to help take part in the August Elections.





Some of the common interview questions and answers which are expected are as follows;

Define the following terms;



1.IEDS: Intermediate Electoral Device System.





2.IEBC: Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission.





3.What are the core values of IEBC. They include Integrity, nonpartisan, accountable, credible and honest.





4.Highlight the six elective positions; We have the President, Governor, Senator, Member of Parliament (MP), Women Representative, and Member of County Assembly (MCA).





5.Identify the key activities that take place prior to the election; They include; Voter Registration, Voter Education, Training of Officials and lastly Voter Verification.






6.Explain in two sentences on how to help IEBC to ensure a fair and credible elections : By being honest, fair and committed.






7.State the duties and responsibilities of a polling clerk; Marking layout to voters, issuing ballot papers, training of Officials and verification of voters.






8.Who is in charge of a polling station: The person in charge of a polling station is the Returning Officer.

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