KCPE & KPSEA Timetables For Next Week, 2023

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Standard 8 and Grade six candidates did their  rehearsals on Friday 27th  in readiness for their 2023 KCPE and KPSEA examinations as contained in the timetable


Candidates in class  8 will sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) whereas  learners in Grade 6  are expected to sit for their Kenya Primary School Education Assessment (KPSEA) examinations.


On Monday , 0ctober 30th ,  KCPE and KPSEA  examinations will start and they will end on Wednesday, November 1 ,2023.


A total of  1,282,574 candidates are fully  set to sit the KPSEA assessments.Notetbat this  assessment is meant to  monitor  specific learner’s  achievement  but not the placement of candidates to junior secondary schools.

KPSEA examinations will be testing 40 percent of the final score  Unlike in KCPE exams where candidates are rated out of 100 percent.


60 percent  marks under the  KPSEA examinations will come from classroom-based continuous assessment tests which were conducted  When learners were in in Grades 4, 5 and 6.

Under KPSEA  examinations, KNEC will test learners in:

  • Mathematics subject
  • English subject
  • Kiswahili subject
  •  Integrated Science (I.S) which will involve subjects such as Home Science, Agriculture, Science and Tech plus  Physical Health.

Learners were also tested in Creative And Social Sciences (C.A.S.S) which is a combination of Arts and Craft, Music, Social Studies plus Religious Education.

According to knec , a total of 1,415, 315 candidates are expected to sit for KCPE examinations this year.


The KCPE candidature above recorded a significant increment of  students to 13.74 per cent . This is equivalent to 170,982 candidates  in 2023 as compared to the previous  2022 examinations.

A screen grab of KNEC 3 Day KPSEA timetable
A screen grab of KNEC 3 Day KPSEA timetable;file
By the fact that KCPE examination is being administered for the last time in 2023 , this could be the reason for registration of a bigger number.
Page 1 of KCPE 2023 official timetable
Page 1 of KCPE 2023 official timetable
There are also chances that there could be learners who may have dropped out to take advantage of the last chance that are currently doing KCPE examinations.

This year’s KCPE examinations mark the end of era of the 8-4-4 system in primary schools education in Kenya.

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