Knec Exams For Grade 6 students Kicks Off On Monday. 

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Knec Exams For Grade 6 students Kicks Off On Monday.


The students in Grade 6 will begin their national written exams on Monday.




After then, schools could download and use the evaluation materials that Knec had made available on the portal.





Depending on their readiness and preparation, certain schools may begin later.




The deadlines for schools to download and upload the results, however, remain the same.



Schools have until September 9 to download and administer the written assessment examinations, per a Knec letter.


After the exams are finished, schools have until September 16 to upload the students’ test results to a Knec web site.





The projects and practicals that are a part of this national examination have already been completed by the Grade 6 students.





Making a marrionete was the focus of the practical art and craft assignment for grade 6. Homescience dealt with stewing.





It involved performing a folk song in music. A circulatory system was modelled in science and technology.




Finally, in physical education, topics included swimming’s front crawl, rope skipping, and handball’s two-handed catch.




By September 16th, schools must upload their projects and practical work on the Knec portal.





The thirteen subjects given at the Upper Primary level will be evaluated by Knec utilizing five papers of multiple-choice questions for this summative assessment, just like it will be in November:





1. Mathematics;

2. English Language;

3. Kiswahili / Kenyan Sign Language;

4. Integrated Science (combines 4 subjects):

i) Science and Technology;

ii) Agriculture;

iii) Home Science;

iv) Physical and Health Education.

5. Creative Arts and Social Studies (combines 4 subjects):

i)Social Studies;

ii) Christian Religious Education/Islamic Religious Education/Hindu Religious Education;

iii) Art and Craft;

iv) Music.




The students’ last primary exam will be in November of this year. Kenya Primary School Education Assessment will be the name of the test (KPSEA).




The five-subject summative national test and the School Based Assessment (SBA), which is administered annually in upper primary classrooms, will be used to assess primary school results.




60% of the final grade for the students will come through SBA, which will be distributed among Grades 4, 5, and 6, and 40% will come from the summative report.




Projects, practicals, portfolios, and oral assessments are used in school-based evaluation to allow students to show what they have learned.



These are carried out by classroom teachers under the direction of Knec.




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