List of core and optional subjects for Grade 6 joining junior secondary

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The Grade 6 learners will study a number of subjects when they join junior secondary school in January next year.





The Grade 6 learners will join junior secondary in January after sitting their final KPSEA exams in primary school in November this year.





Junior secondary comprise of Grade 7, 8 and 9. Below are compulsory and optional subjects in junior secondary.






Compulsory subjects

1. English   

2. Kiswahili or Kenyan Sign Language for learners who are deaf         

3. Mathematics       

4. Integrated Science            

5. Health Education               

6. Pre-Technical and Pre-Career Education                  

7. Social Studies      

8. Religious Education – learners choose one of the following:            





a) Christian Religious Education

b) Islamic Religious Education

c) Hindu Religious Education

9. Business Studies

10. Agriculture

11. Life Skills Education

12. Sports and Physical Education.





Optional Subjects (Minimum 1, Maximum 2)

1. Visual Arts  

2. Performing Arts  

3. Home Science  

4. Computer Science  

5. Foreign Languages:  

6. German  

7. French  

8. Mandarin  

9. Arabic  

10. Indigenous Languages

11. Kenyan Sign Language  

NB: ICT will be a delivery tool for all Subjects

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