Ministry Of Education Announces Plan To Cater For KCSE 2021/2022 Students Who Scored C plain, C- minus, D+ plus & D plain Grades 2

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Going by the results revealed by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha on Saturday, April 23,




it is only 145,145 candidates who sat the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam achieved direct university entry marks in the 2021 KCSE Released Results.





The number of candidates mentioned above  received a C+ on the national exam, with roughly 700,000 students failing to pass.






In addition, the  students who received below a C+ to D plain  can enroll in certificate or diploma programs for a second opportunity at higher education.








By the fact that  the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program are now available,





any students who received a C or a C-minus can now enroll in diploma courses at one of the country’s 31 institutions.






Additionally, the  495,686 candidates who received a D+ or lower will  enroll in certificate programs for those who received a D or higher, as well as artisan certifications for those who received a D plus or lower.






Going by a statement made by professor Magoha during the examination’s release, “the number of students with a minimum TVET Diploma courses qualification of grade C- and higher in 2021 was 325,896 (39.27%).





,thus need to invest more in TVET institutions where the bulk of our KCSE Examination graduands will study.”






Those Students who are accepted into colleges and tertiary institutions are eligible for government funding through the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB).






On the other hand, the other revelations were made ahead of the university placement process, which is based on cluster points per subject.





Also candidates can change their luck by enrolling in bridging courses in subjects required to join specific courses.







The Kenya’s education system allows students with as low as a D-minus grade to earn a degree and even advance to the Masters and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) levels.






Those Students who have completed their certificate education are eligible to enroll in a diploma program.





It should be noted that diploma course in Kenya lasts between two and three years, depending on the discipline.

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