KUPPET Kisii County branch office goes guns blazing on TPD

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Dear colleagues, as branch chairmen, we have made our position known on matters TPD. The chairmen council’s communication is now in the public domain. We have made this communication to the national office and are pushing for their response or positive reaction on this issue. Some of the grounds reinforcing our position as branch chairmen’s on this matter are:

*1. Capacity building is the duty of the employer and should never be transferred to employees.* In fact teachers should be facilitated to attend the program not being tasked.
*2. A program that requires one to study for 30 years is not acceptable anywhere in the world.* Even a PhD program doesn’t take that long. Any effective post graduate program should be fully completed within 2 – 3 years and one should be promoted immediately after completion. TSC is out of order in coming up with a program that lasts 30 yes and has no promotional package in it. Its basically an enslaving tool.
*3. The modules should be tailored to fit different cadres of teachers. A program where all teachers go through the same program irrespective of their responsibilities in school is weak and out of touch with the very essence of the spirit of capacity building.* To make it effective each job group and cluster of teachers (principals, deputy principals, senior teachers, HODs, classroom teachers) should have a unique course where one is promoted upon completion.
*4. Every organization has funds for capacity building and if TSC doesn’t have the Parliament should help allocate funds for them not making teachers pay school fees for their entire lives.* sh. 6000 per chapter x 5 chapters per module x 5 modules = sh.180,000. A rip off which as teachers we must resist.
5. TSC as currently constituted is a mass employer of teachers and not a professional body. The TPD modules should be under a professional body not the TSC.

Ouko Laban Bosire
Branch chairman KUPPET Kisii.

From the same office, ES through a letter, expressed serious concerns:-

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