More Details Emerge As IEBC Announces Finishing Verification Of Forms 34A & 34B.

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After completing the verification of Forms 34A and 34B, the IEBC is now preparing Form 34C.




The results of presidential elections in 263 constituencies have been released, leaving 28 constituencies pending.



Six days after the election, the next president of Kenya is still unknown.




Kenyans are growing increasingly agitated due to the delayed count.



The deputy president, William Ruto, has gained a lead over his opponent, Raila Odinga, with more over three-quarters of the results verified.





A coalition of well-known organizations, including human rights activists, attorneys, and labor unions, have advised Kenyans to refrain from any action that could escalate tensions and spark bloodshed.




On Saturday, anti-riot police were dispatched to the national counting center in response to attempts by political party operatives to disrupt the counting process.





Legally, the electoral commission has one week to announce Tuesday’s election results.




It will be waited to be seen who will be announced as the next president of Kenya.

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