Most Marketable Diploma Courses Compared To Degree Courses In Kenya.

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Top Diploma Courses That Have Emerged Lucrative & More Marketable than most Degree Courses in kenya



Most people think that having a degree in Kenya is a rubber stamp to good pay and life. This is a falsified notion.




It is important to keep in mind that there is a good number of diploma courses that will open amazing and lucrative opportunities than some of the degree programs.




Below is a compiled list of diploma courses that can propel you to your dream faster and easier than some boring and hard degree courses:

Diploma in Pharmacy


The good with this course is that once you complete your training, you can establish your chemist and tap huge money.





Diploma in Nursing

This course is highly marketable since there is high demand for nurses not only in Kenya but also globally. Its hard to come across a nurse with diploma holder who is desperately tarmacking to look for job, unlike most graduates in B.Com.





Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

Although many are discouraged by the fact that this filed is flooded, the truth is this field is full of great surprises. Always remember that this course entails pure talent.




Your level of education is an added advantage. With many radio and TV station mushrooming everyday, then this remains to be marketable field than most degree courses.





Diploma in procurement and sales management

Any serious organisation must have a procurement officer who makes critical decision when it comes to purchasing. The good thing is that if you secure a job as a procurement officer you may never bother to depend on your monthly salaries because of unlimited opportunities.





Diploma in Information technology (IT)

Technology is rapidly advancing everyday and most firms and organisation have embraced digital way of providing services.




This therefore means that many IT experts are needed to meet this demand. Instead of enrolling for degree programs like Bachelor of science general, think of enrolling in this amazing diploma course.





Diploma in Architecture 

The art of architecture will never loose its glory. Pursing this course is a guaranteed way of owning a brightened future.





Diploma in Engineering

Diploma in Engineering is categorised into civil, electrical and mechanical. The good thing with this course you not only wait to be employed, you can also create employment for others.




All you need to do is complete your course from a recognised institution and grab unlimited opportunities waiting for you.





Diploma in Business management

A person with diploma in this course has good number of opportunities unlike a degree holders in fields like fisheries, disaster management among others. Most businesses are not hitting their targets because of mismanagement.




Therefore a well trained business manager will be blessing to any given organisation. This explains why this course is far much better than most degree courses in Kenya.





Diploma in Finance and accounting

Corporate world will always need accountants and financial experts. Its defensibly that this course is far much better than most degree courses.


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