New Changes In TSC Loan Approval On TSC T-PAY

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Following changes of loan approval process on T-pay, the SACCO would like to advise its members on the new




additional steps introduced by TSC to improve on security measures;





  1. User verification where a six code is sent to the user’s Mobile phone on login attempt for keying in to allow access to payroll details; and,




  1. ‘Approve’ and ‘Cancel’ options has been enhanced by an automated feature where a security code (OTP CODE) will be sent to the user for feeding again for the ‘Approval’ to go through: This happens when the ‘Approve’ button is selected.





The purpose of this communication is to guide our members on TSC payroll to always ‘Approve’ transactions fed upon verification to allow closure of Sacco loan processing.






Kindly note that ‘Cancelling’ fed transactions has led to undue delays in Turn Around Time on disbursement of loans applied.





This has led to the Sacco calling a number of applicants individually to agree on whether to proceed as per application.




We have engaged relevant persons at TSC County Director’s Offices to allow ICT Officers to guide on this new






 development and assist those who have not updated their details online towards seamless service delivery.
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