ODM Loses Former Governor. Here Are His Reasons For Quitting.

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Kakamega former Governor Wycliffe Oparanya yesterday said he will not support Orange Party leader Raila Odinga in the future.




Speaking for the first time since the August 9 general election, Oparanya said he will continue to use his efforts to unite the Luyha community.


“From now on, I offer myself to lead our unity. I have been with Raila, even if he badmouths me, God willing, he will not be forgiven,” he said.




Noting that the Luhya community has supported Raila in five consecutive elections, the ODM deputy leader said it is time to chart another political destiny to form the government come 2027.




Oparanya was leading the Western Kenya vote hunt. And Azimio won major seats in Kakamega, Vihiga and Busia counties in the August elections.





He then accused the opposition coalition leader of betraying the trust of the Luhya people and said he did not consider Raila’s endorsement and support to be part of the electoral spoils.




He cited minority seats in the National Assembly, Senate and the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) as areas where the community’s numerical strength is considered low.


The former Kakamega county chairman said this at the funeral of MCA Phaustine Welimo who was nominated during a condolence address in Ichinga village of East Mumias sub-county.




Last week, Raila and Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka held a parliamentary caucus meeting with coalition MPs in an attempt to quell discontent over the sharing of election polls.



Jubilee and Wiper MPs accused ODM of being dominated by parliamentary leaders on the minority side.




Oparanya removed all cadres from the EALA nomination process and accused the MPs of sacrificing their services for bribery. “I wanted Kiziro Justus (former Shinyalu MP) to go to EALA but MPs are complaining that Kizito has no money.




I wonder if MPs should also be paid to vote,” he said.


He continued: “The result of this vote is that all other main tribes but Luhya have sent MPs to EALA” Kenya EALA has nine seats shared 5: 4 between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio.


Raila and Kalonzo’s children Winnie and Kennedy Musyoka are among the EALA nominees.



But Oparanya said that despite Raila’s overwhelming support in the latest polls in the country, only Western people are missing out in EALA seats.



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