Patrick Sumba: Mathematics Teacher Who Quit His Job in Kenya To Land a Security Guard Job In USA.

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Kenyan always move to the US with a perception of landing well paying job. But that was not the Case of Patrick Sumba a teacher Who Ended Up Working As Security Guard, Supermarket Attendant In The US Despite Successful Career In Kenya.





Sumba started his teaching career at Mudavadi Girls’ High School, where he honed his skills in imparting knowledge in the challenging subjects of mathematics and physics.





However, despite a successful stint at Mudavadi Girls’, financial constraints led him to Mutonge High School.




Four years of service at Mutonge provided him with valuable experience, but the pursuit of a more stable income prompted him to resign from his Teacher Service Commission (TSC) position.




Undeterred by the need for change, Sumba transitioned to Laiser High School, followed by a leadership role as the headmaster at Testimony School in Eldoret.




His journey continued with stints at Talent High School and Brookshine, where he faced the adversity of dismissal but emerged with newfound determination.




While navigating the streets of Nairobi, Sumba stumbled upon an advertisement that would alter the course of his life—a call for green card applications.





With hope in his heart, he submitted his application, and fortune smiled upon him as he secured the elusive green card.




The green card opened doors to the United States, beckoning him to a new chapter in his professional journey.





However, the transition to the United States was not a seamless one for Sumba.




“I did not come across any organization similar to TSC which employs teachers in Kenya. When I inquired about it, I discovered that in order to teach in the first grade, a Bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite,” he said.



With no options left, Sumba took the security job which he underwent training for. He also worked as a supermarket attendant later.




The stark contrast between the educational systems of Kenya and the US prompted him to adapt, taking on these roles while simultaneously exploring avenues to resurrect his teaching career in his new home.




Determined to overcome the challenges, Sumba enrolled in the Grand Canyon teacher preparatory course.



Juggling his responsibilities as a security guard and a supermarket attendant during the day, he dedicated his evenings to online classes




. The preparatory course proved to be the bridge between his Kenyan teaching experience and the American education landscape.





Upon completion, armed with the requisite credentials, Sumba ventured into the competitive realm of American education employment.

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