Procedure For Filling TPAD Online Through Phone Or Computer.

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Teacher Performance and Appraisal  and Development TPAD can easily be filled using the online form on the TSC website by following simple steps.



So,When are teachers required to fill TPAD? TPAD online form is supposed to be filled by teachers from both secondary schools and primary schools in Kenya at the end of each term.




TPAD enables teachers do self-evaluation  and appraise themselves once every term. It in this regard, that the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development system (TPAD) was designed.





TPAD was introduced to teachers by TSC and is based on the TSC code of regulations for teachers, as seen on regulation 52 (1). This regulation provides for TSC to develop an open performance appraisal system for teachers in its employment.





TPAD also helps in monitoring of curriculum and this online document helps to support Kenyan teachers improve on their teaching competencies.




Are you having challenges filling TPAD on the TSC online portal? Below we take you through steps you need to follow to correctly fill TPAD on the TSC website online portal. But first you need to have an active account to be able to fill TPAD online as a teacher.

How to fill TPAD Online form

  1. Activate your TPAD account if it is not active.
  2. Log in to TSC website to be able to fill your TPAD
  3. Once on the TSC online portal, head to online services option on the menu and select TPAD option
  4. Alternatively you can locate TPAD functionality by scrolling down while on the TSC online homepage and click on it
  5. On the TPAD login page, enter your TSC number eg enter your ID number eg 36768992 and finally enter your password then click on login
  6. Click on Self-Assessment then Select Create New Appraisal option
  7. Next select the year and term under the appraisal details. Remember to indicate if you are eligible for appraisal by suggesting that you are “On Duty.”
  8. Once done click on the “Save Appraisal” tab.
  9. Now proceed to Appraisal. Here, select any one of the assessment areas. That is, The Teaching standards and learners’ progress sections. Choose one and then update accordingly under the “Action” menu item.
  10. Lastly click on the Request Observation option
  11. Once done , log out
  12. You will have successfully filled your appraisal form online, the remaining part is for your head teacher to deal with.



How to fill TPAD Online in Summary

In summary here are the Key steps in filling the TPAD online with pictures


Step 1: Log into TSC website and sign in to TSC TPAD portal

Easy Way To Fill TPAD online using your smartphone or computer



Step 2: Create a new appraisal under the  Self assessment option

Easy Way To Fill TPAD online using your smartphone or computer

Step 3: Proceed to appraisal by selecting your assessment areas



Step 4: Request for Observation by clicking on Request Observation

Step 5Log out

How to create and activate TPAD 2 Account

To be able to fill the teacher appraisal (TPAD) online form, you must have an active account activated by the Sub-County Director or the head of the institution. The good news is that TSC employed teachers can easily activate their TPAD accounts through the TSC website

You will need the following requirements for your TPAD account to be activated; TSC number, ID Number, email and a Phone number

Easy Way To Fill TPAD online using your smartphone or computer

How to create and activate your TPAD account
  • Log in to TSC website
  • Select TPAD under the online services
  • Select Login
  • Select your Designation eg Teacher
  • Select Create account
  • Enter your details and confirm your desired password to create a TPAD account

That’s it, by following this simple steps you will successfully have created your TPAD account.



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