How To Check CRB Status,Obtain CRB Clearance Certificate Easily Online.

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How To Check CRB Status,Obtain CRB Clearance Certificate Easily Online

You should be guided on how to obtain clearance from CRB Kenya if by any chance your name is on the Credit Reference Bureau Kenya (CRB) blacklist. This is the only tool you have to strengthen your creditworthiness and boost your chances of being approved for a loan by any lender. Fortunately, you can complete this process entirely online.

If you are unsure about your listing status, you can check it using any of the methods listed below.
To check the status of your listing on Metropol, follow these steps:
Dial *433# from your Safaricom sim card.
Input your National Identification Number.
Verify your information to finish the registration process.
Navigate to your phone’s M-Pesa menu.
Send Kshs 50 to the Metropol Paybill number 220338.
As the account number, enter your Identification card.
A Text message will be sent to your phone with a unique pin, reference number, and a special link to access the Metropol service.
To check your status, dial *433# from your mobile.
After you enter your pin, you will receive an SMS with the listing status.
Optionally, you can get the Metropol app from the Google Play store.
Using the app, you can register, log in, make a payment, and request to view the status of your listing.
You can also go to the Metropol website, register, log in, pay, and then check your status.
If you would like to know your credit status, you must pay a fee of Kshs 150 see your credit score per year.
The lowest possible score is 200, and the highest possible score is 900. Because you are a defaulter, that is if your credit score is less than 400, you will be unable to obtain loans from lenders. Lenders, on the other hand, will proceed with caution if your credit score is slightly higher than 400. You must have a credit score of at least 900 in order to qualify for easy loans. A fee of Kshs 250 will be charged if you want detailed information on institutions that have listed you.
You could also use the procedure to check the status of your listing on Transunion.
Start by sending your actual names to the number 21272 via SMS.
You must enter your identification number.
Select CC, which is an abbreviation for “Credit Status.” You will receive an SMS indicating whether your status is “good” or “negative.” “Good” indicates that no creditor has reported you for loan repayment default. “Negative” indicates that you have failed to pay back current or previous loans.
Keep in mind that you will only have one free opportunity to check your credit status on the platform. Once you’ve used up your first chance, you must pay Kshs 650 to the paybill number 212121 to find out your status.
 In the account number section, enter your Identification number.

How do you obtain a clearance certificate if you do not have one?
If your credit history does not contain any negative information, you can proceed with the CRB clearance certificate download. All you have to do is sign up with Creditinfo, Metropol, or Transunion.
Then, simply follow this simple process to obtain a CRB clearance certificate. CRB clearance certificate for Transunion If you want to download your clearance certificate from Transunion, please follow the steps below.
Send Kshs 2200 through paybill number 212121
In the account section, enter your Identification number.
Send Mpesa message to
CRB clearance certificate for Metropol
Go to the Metropol website. Log in with your mobile phone number as well as the reference number you received via SMS.
After you’ve logged in, go to the ‘Clearance Certificate’ tab. Pay Kshs 2,200 for the certificate using Paybill number 220388.
To obtain your clearance certificate, follow the instructions provided.

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