Man Buys Third Coffin Says The First Two Have Become ‘Fashionless’

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An 87-year-old man from Teso South Constituency in Busia County is the talk of town after he bought a coffin that he would like to be buried in.







Alloise Otieng’ Ominang’ombe, who hails from Kajoro village in Okatekok, bought the coffin worth Ksh.58,000 shillings for his final journey and has since stored it at his shop in Obekai area.




However, it is not the first time for the father of 18 to pull such a move.





In separate occasions in 2009 and 2012, the octogenarian bought coffins. Speaking to Citizen Digital, he noted that the two coffins have since gone out of fashion.




“The two will be split into pieces so that they can be used for cooking during my burial,” he said.






The move has elicited mixed reactions, with some supporting his decision. Others however opposed the old man’s plans, saying it goes against their religious standing.






“He has reduced the burial expenses when the time comes. I see nothing wrong with what the old man has done,” George Emong’ojel, a resident, said.






Another resident however took issue with Ominang’ombe’s actions. “I do not see why one should buy their coffin. This is akin to calling on the angel of death.”





For Mzee Ominang’ombe, there is a message behind every deed. “I want this to go as a lesson to my community at large. You may lack basic needs when you are alive.





But when you die, people will slaughter bulls, buy you nice clothes and shoes yet you will be long gone.






That is why I decided to plan for a send-off befitting my status in society,” he said.

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