Invention: “Zimbabwe Rejected My Invention, America Got Hold Of It,” Engineer

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Meet Maxwell Chikumbutso, Zimbabwean self thought engineer, who invented a hybrid Helicopter.



His two seat helicopter is so unique that it can operate with 6 different types of fuels.



He is also known for having developed a green energy technology which, he asserts, is revolutionary because it converts radio frequencies directly into clean and renewable energy.



He has, for years engaged the Zimbabwean government for permits which would play a big part in his mass production agenda as he seek to compete with Europeans, Americans and Asians in this innovative sector.



After finding no success with the Zimbabwean government, he was poached by the US government.



“The USA Government saw what Africa did not see in my ground breaking inventions and California is now our home. I always love Africa and I’m so proud of being born and raised in Africa. I will surely come back to Zimbabwe where everything started,” Chikumbutso told the media.


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