TSC Latest Remark On Posting Newly Employed Teachers.

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The newly employed teachers are now expected to start receiving their posting letters to their respective schools.

Inorder to ensure an address to the teacher deficit in Kenyan schools, the teachers’ employer hired a total of 14,000 teachers in the previous month.

The employment exercise started on 11th July officially and it ended on July 29, 2022.

New day on which recently recruited teachers are expected to report to their stations has been announced by the teacher’s employer.

The tutors hired in 2022 by the Teachers Service Commission, or TSC, who had been waiting for such a significant announcement from their employer, have been granted a reprieve.

As per to the latest updates, those teachers who were recently employed will receive posting letters to their new working stations starting September 2022.

TSC further clarified that these teachers will be issued posting letters from Sub County Directors before reporting to their new stations on a permanent and pensionable basis.

The TSC sends a letter of employment to a newly recruited teacher after successfully vetting the teacher’s documents.

This letter is sent to the teacher through the station where the teacher has been posted to serve under TSC terms.

Under another directive,the TSC Secretary spells out the entry-level of the teacher, like Secondary School Teacher II for teachers entering the profession as degree holders, the station where the teacher has been posted and the subjects to be handled.

A newly recruited teacher works on probation for a period of not less than six (6) months.

In rare situations, if the teacher’s performance is unsatisfactory, the probation period may be prolonged; at worst, the teacher’s employment may be terminated before the probation period is over.

The TSC recommendation form for the teacher must be completed by the head of the institution and approved by TSC before it can be confirmed on a permanent basis.

TSC employment letter states that the teacher has a grace period of 30 days starting from the effective date before they are required to report to the posted institution.

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