Prof Magoha, CS Bashes Teachers For Their Insatiable Need For Salary Increment.

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Education CS Prof George Magoha has taken an issue with teachers who are seeking more pay from the government.



Magoha said that no teacher can be fully be compensated for the great work they do in school hence none of them should complain about their pay.

According to the CS just like teachers, he too does not get enough pay for the job he does at the Ministry of Education therefore the teachers should follow in his footsteps.




“Nobody can compensate our teachers. So let me not hear teachers saying that they are not being paid enough. Who the hell do you think is being paid enough?” he posed.




“Nobody is paying me to work for 16 hours a day and so you should also do the same,” he added.

Magoha made the statement at Mtihani House in Nairobi where he released the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam results.




His statement comes amid a fresh push by the teachers’ union for TSC to review the salaries of their members.




In the new bid, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) wants the TSC to ensure the lowest teacher earns Ksh59.424 up from Ksh34,955 while the highest teacher earns Ksh153,715 up from Ksh118,242.



Kuppet Secretary-General Akello Misori said that their push for salary review is due to the high living standards in the country which he claims have pushed most teachers to poverty due to the low salaries they get.




He further challenged the TSC to review their demands as soon as possible noting that the country has already recovered from the Covid-19 economic crisis hence it has no excuse to deny teachers a salary increase.



“The excuse of Covid-19 should no longer be used to deny teachers their deserved salary reviews,” Akello Misori said as reported by The Standard.

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