See You In Court: Beauty Queen Emma Sues TV News Anchor Trevor Ombija.

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Emma Too recently put a joint owned by Trevor Ombija on the spot for noise pollution

Emma Too and Trevor Ombija

The tiff between former Miss Kenya Emma Too and news anchor Trevor Ombija has taken another twist after the beauty queen allegedly sued the TV news anchor.




Too, speaking in a Twitter Spaces, said the issues she raised regarding the noise caused by the restaurant owned by Trevor Ombija were few, as there were more issues that affected her.





Too revealed that the parking spot used by those looking to have good times in the joint posed a great security risk as it was improperly done, while others were dropped by taxis in undesignated drop off points.





She revealed that the joint began as a cool place before it gradually turned noisy.




“The establishment across my place started by saying it was a jazz bar. Okay, they played jazz, and if you play jazz at a low volume, it’s palatable. It’s not going to vibrate my house,” she said.




Trevor Ombija




Too added that the conversations made by the attendants in the joint were in such high tones that they too added to the noise.





“Even after the music is switched off at 3:00 am or 4:00 am, the patrons are still talking loudly to each other because they’ve been listening to loud music and shouting at each other. We’re still not able to sleep,” Too noted.





Emma Too




Too said that the matter is in court, which now leaves the complaints raised by those close to Samaki Samaki bar which is owned by Trevor Ombija in the corridors of justice.





The tiff between Too and Ombija shot over the internet when the county government of Nairobi went after restaurants that were causing disturbances in residential areas.




Trevor whose joint was among those pointed at in his defence said the issues were mainly brought by Too because he declined to give him a landscaping job, allegations Too refuted.



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