Strange and collosal ksh. 13.6M deposited in Egerton University Accounts causes Jitters.

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Finance department, Egerton University has blown a whistle over strange colossal Sh13.6 million deposited into its various bank accounts within a span of the last seven years.
In a memo dated October 27, 2021, The University’s  Department of Finance and Accounts wrote, and posted on their website, lists of 895 entries relating to the funds deposited into the accounts. However, the university claims it does not know the purpose of the deposits.
All the same, the list names the depositors but indicates the customer number as ‘unidentified’.
The deposits were made between 2015 and this year. The memo indicates that the deposits were made by individuals who cannot be identified by the institution’s finance system.
The deposits, per the list, were made into accounts operated by the university in two banks.
The university is now calling on whoever made the deposits to come forward and provide supporting evidence to enable it update its records.
“Attached is a list of 895 entries relating to funds deposited into the various university bank accounts and whose depositors and purposes for the deposits have been difficult to identify. Please check and come forward with supporting evidence if you made the deposits in order to enable us to update our records accordingly,” reads the memo in part.
Some of those listed as having made the deposits have no registration numbers and in some instances, only one name has been provided while in others, the name and registration number do not match. Some are not active.
From the list, the least deposit made is Sh1 and the highest Sh459, 465.75
Efforts to reach the institution Finance Officer Moses Ouma for a comment were futile as he did not pick calls or respond to text messages.
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