Tanzanian President Rewards A Jobless Man Who Helped In A Rescue Mission.

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Precision Air: Tanzanian Man Who Rescued Air Crash Victims Offered Government Job – 


  • Jackson Majaliwa put his life on the line to save those of others who were tracked in the wreckage of a Precision Air flight that had fallen into Lake Victoria



  • The farmer, who was knocked unconscious while trying to open the emergency doors for the pilots will now be employed by the government



  • Tanzania President Samia Suluhu directed that Majaliwa be offered a job with the firefighting and rescue brigade

Jackson Majaliwa, the Tanzanian fisherman who was among the first people to rush to the scene when a Precision Air plane tumbled into Lake Victoria has been offered a government job.

MajaliwaPrecision Air: Tanzanian Man Who Rescued Air Crash Victims Offered Government Job
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Majaliwa led other fast responders to help rescue 24 passengers from the wreckage of the ill-fated aircraft which left 19 people dead.




The goodies started flowing in the form of cash when he was awarded TSh 1 million (KSh 52,000), a reward handed over by Kagera Regional Commissioner Albert Chalamila.



State job for Majaliwa

The best reward was, however, a government job which was given to him by Tanzania President Samia Suluhu.



Suluhu offered Majaliwa a job with the firefighting and rescue brigade, and ordered that he attends training in rescue operations to sharpen his skills.




Speaking from a hospital bed, the fisherman disclosed that he was thrown into panic when he saw the aircraft tumble into the lake.



Noticing that the plane was in trouble, he quickly mobilised three other fishermen with whom they rushed to the scene and began rescue operations.





Majaliwa was knocked unconscious while rescuing pilots

The group smashed the rear door open with a rowing bar which made it possible to evacuate the passengers

seated towards the rear of the plane.



Three migrants blocked in Italy port standoff jump into sea



Majaliwa then dived into the water and moved to the front of the aircraft where one of the pilots was asking him to smash the cockpit window.




Just as he was about to hit the screen with an axe from the airport security, he was stopped by a man with a public announcement speaker.




“He said they were already in communication with the pilots, and there was no water leakage in the cockpit,” Majaliwa remembered.



When the pilot insisted that he rescues him by pointing out the cockpit emergency door, the fisherman swam back up and took a rope with which he tied it to the door tried to pull it with other boats.




The rope, however, broke, hit him in the face and knocked him unconscious, which is how he ended up in the hospital.

Precision CEO broke down in tears

The loss of lives was a development that left the Precision Air CEO Patrick Mwanri shattered to the core.





During a press briefing, the heartbroken Mwanri could not hold his agony as he broke down several times during the speech.




Grief could be heard in Mwanri’s voice even as he paused midway to wipe away tears from his eyes with a handkerchief.

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