This Is How Weak KCSE English Grade Affects Career Choice In The New Plan.

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All the students who want to enroll in mathematics-related courses now need to obtain at least a C (plain ) in English or Kiswahili in  the KCSE examinations.




This  new approach won’t affect a student’s C+ (plus) admission grade, but it will have an impact on specific subjects




like computer science, ICT, economics, statistics, and finance that are necessary to pursue a particular field of study.





In the past, the placement in these courses was based entirely on a student’s proficiency in the field of mathematics.




Going by  the new proposed system, pupils must also be proficient in either English or Kiswahili in order to be placed under government sponsorship.


Suggestion made by university authorities might be a way to guarantee that graduates have good




communication abilities for the acceptance of students into programs in agriculture, construction, and building.






Also in keeping with the concept, it will also offer a number of education courses that have been simplified.




Most stakeholders in education who work with students obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Education have suggested decreasing the Biology, Physics, or Chemistry admissions standard from a C+ (plus) to a C. (basic).



According to stakeholders, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education no longer requires knowledge of mathematics.




Now, admission will simply require a C (plain) in either English or Kiswahili.





Those students interested in environmental sciences will now have a wider selection of subjects to chose from when applying to universities thanks to




the addition of Geography as an alternative to Chemistry and Agriculture as an alternative to Biology.





A big number of students do better in geography and agriculture than in math and chemistry, so the changes are perceived as providing a softer landing.

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