Tragedy: KCSE Candidate Collapses, Dies After Commencing English Exam

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KCSE Candidate Collapses, Dies After Commencing English Exam


A candidate has collapsed and died minutes after the start of the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination.




Victor Kipkoech Mutai, a student at Chilchila Secondary School in Kipkelion West constituency, collapsed in the examination room, midway into writing his English examination.








County Commissioner John Kamua Karungo said the candidate was pronounced dead at Fort-Ternan Sub-county Hospital where he was rushed for treatment.





“We are yet to know from the candidate’s family if he was suffering from any health condition which could have caused his demise,” he said.





The county commissioner said the  candidate reportedly did not exhibit any signs of ill-health before the commencement of the examination.






Karungo said the rest of the candidates at the school are undertaking their examinations as the information of the incident is being properly managed not to cause anxiety among other students.

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