Principals & Headteachers To submit 1.5% of (BOM) teachers’ and support Staff Salaries for housing levy

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TSC teachers housing levy. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is currently pursuing Principals and Headteachers who have failed to submit 1.5% of their (BOM) teachers’ and support staff’s monthly gross pay to the Housing levy Funds.




The tax collector now wants primary and secondary school principals to ensure that a 1.5% housing levy is withheld from-



teachers’ and support staff’s gross compensation each month.





KRA also wants those who did not pay the tax to have their salaries cut in order to pay the arrears for July, August, September, and October.




TSC teachers housing levy

According to one of the papers reviewed by Teacher Arena, KRA wants 1.5% withheld from the gross salary of secondary school BOM employees and employers beginning July 1, 2023.




Employers will collect tax from employees’ gross salaries and remit it to the Kenya Revenue Authority,

TSC teachers housing levy




along with employers’ contribution, according to a notification sent to secondary school heads.

Since the passage of the Finance Act, all employees have been required to contribute 1.5% of their gross income to the housing fund.



Employers must also contribute the same percentage to the purse in order to support their employees.



Many schools have BOM teachers to assist TSC teachers who are dealing with a massive teaching load as a result of an acute teacher shortage.

TSC teachers housing levy

various employees work in schools to assist in various areas.



These include Watchmen, Cooks, Librarians, and Bursars, among others.

This implies that when schools reopen in January, things may change for this group of employees,

who are typically paid on the spot and do not receive payslips.

Schools have no choice except to deduct and remit the amounts to KRA.

The main issue will be schools (employers) not remitting the requisite amount to KRA.

The KRA has issued a warning to school administrators who continue to pay their employees without subtracting and remitting the housing tax.

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