TSC, KUPPET, KNUT, MoE urged to rethink TPD

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*On TPD Modules, Dr. Odhiambo Bonyo now writes.*

Only myopic teachers & leaders can praise the Tsc PDT monster because it won’t have worse implications to them & their spouse, their children & grand children’s families in terms of emotional energy and financial obligations. But as for you my teachers, you can be sure cases of teacher depression will be on the increase: why? See below 👇🏻

1. You will study every school holiday for over 31 yrs! After your college training, the full year Post Graduate diploma in Education awaits after which you join TSC to start the 5 year Modules of sick packages. Which profession builds capacity like that? CBC refresher courses aside!

2. You will spend over 180k directly from your salary for fees ( 6k per year) which is likely to increase within the same period.

3. You will organise your own travel , meals and accommodation each holiday doing a course for which you have no passion. The cost might be somewhere to the tune of 10k per holiday. Who will be with your young family?

4. Promotion after the modules is not guaranteed because as long as 360k teachers attend , you will compete equally for the scarce TSC vacancies.

6. After every 5 yrs your teaching license will be either renewed or withdrawn and should it appear that you never attended the previous module of the last 5 years, there will be no renewal meaning end of TSC employment. This means permanent & pensionable employment as you know it today won’t be tenable.

7. What about your absence from the family every term holiday? Who will take care of your little baby? Your adolescent daughters & sons? Your property because Tpd would deprive you of the valuable time to attend to them.

*#Tafakari hayo na ifikie Oyuu & Misori, Lords of Misery!!! #*

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