TSC: Leave Application And Approval Process Gets Automated..

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Teachers can now apply for leave and have their applications approved online after their employer the Teachers Service Commission(TSC)  on Wednesday December 1, 2021 automated its leave application and approval process.

This stops teachers from applying for any form of leave manually with effect from 1st December 2021. Teachers leaves include:-

a) Annual Leave (Regulation 109)

b) Special Leave (Regulation 132)

c) Maternity Leave (Regulation 116)

d) Compassionate Leave (Regulation 131)

e) Sick Leave (Regulation 111)

f) Clearance to travel out of the Country.

“Our leave application and approval process is now automated. You can apply on this link https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/tm-app/apply_leave ,” the statement read.

Teachers employed by the TSC are entitled to a 42 days annual leave, often taken during school holidays.



Female teachers are entitled to 90 calendar days maternity leave from the date of confinement as their male counterparts get a 10 day leave within the period of their spouse’s maternity leave.

Teachers are also allowed a maximum of 15 days compassionate leave to attend to bereavement, sickness or hospitalization of dependents.

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