TSC On Teacher Interns’ January And February 2022 Salary Pay.

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Major Announcement For All Intern Teachers Concerning Their January And February Salary Pay-TSC.




Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced the date when all intern teachers will start setting their monthly salaries.




The announcement comes a month after TSC communicated the reason why some intern teachers missed their January salary. According to TSC says payment for intern teachers is made earlier depending on the date they were received in their new stations.





Early this January, TSC posted a total of 1,995 intern teachers. TSC also renewed internship contracts for 4,005 teachers whose one-year term ended in December 2021.





The newly employed interns in secondary schools were1038 and 957 posts for primary schools.





According to TSC, the recruitment of intern teachers is in support of a government initiative to develop a pool of young talents for the Kenyan labor markets.





School heads upon receiving the intern teachers are required to submit casualty that will speed the payment process. Delay in submitting the online casualty forms on time derail the commission to effect payment.





According to TSC sources, the intern teachers attached to both primary and secondary schools should expect their stipend for January and February to be paid on Friday 25th, 2022.






The teachers will also have their payslips made available on the TSC T-Pay portal to show the total earnings and deductions.





Interns attached to primary schools get a monthly stipend of 15,000 shillings while those in secondary school get 20,000 shillings.

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