TSC Outlines Common Mistakes By Teachers When Filling & Updating TPAD.

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Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Code of Regulations for Teachers, regulation 52 (1) provide for the Commission to develop an open performance appraisal system for teachers in its employment. This is with a view to strengthening supervision and continuous monitoring of the performance of teachers in the maintenance of the teaching standards at the institutional level.



The commission therefore requires that all employed teachers must file and update their TPAD every academic term.

In the process of filing and updating the TPAD, a section of teachers make errors. These errors can instigate the employer to take disciplinary action against the specific employee.

Below are some of the common mistakes made while filing or updating TPD.


1.Account Log In

All teachers are expected to log in to their TPAD account and log ‘on duty’ at the beginning of the term. A section of teachers fail to comply this, only to log on duty towards the end of the term.

2.Abnormal early submission.

Submission of appraisal for appraiser assessment should be done once the appraisee is done with all the standards and learners progress records. This can only be achieved once the learners are through with their last assessment at the end of the term.



This is experienced where a tutor intentionally doctors learners progress to his/her favor . Most of the time ,the mean and the figures they submit do not tally. This act is against the teachers code of conduct and ethics.


4.Appraisee Scoring 100%.

It is always not possible for an appraisee to score 100%. This is over rating.

There must be some few professional gaps identified in the course of appraisal



TSC sets the Deadline for submission of appraisals .Some teachers however do not manage to beat the deadlines, this may attract disciplinary action from the employer

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