Books Corner: “Ego is the Enemy” By Ryan Holiday

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Book: “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday

The book is really smart, filled with great advice and stories of famous people from history. I totally recommend it.





9 Important Lessons from the Book 🧵




1) Anyone with ambition has ego. People who use their skills to reach goals have ego. Ego helps you move forward. But if you start believing you’re super important, it can stop your progress.




2) Aiming for Greatness:
Being great is often quiet. Instead of just chasing what you love, find purpose with reasons and goals.




3) When success starts slipping away, don’t hold on so tight that you break it. Understand that you need to work your way back up. Return to the basics.





4) The Canvas Strategy:
This is about being open to others’ success. Your success can be tied to theirs. Help others succeed.





5) Issues with Stories:
Social media make you talk more than do. Don’t just talk on Facebook and Twitter. Be someone who takes action.





6) Focus on Learning:
Success doesn’t make you a master. It might make you think you know it all. Stay humble and keep learning, like a student.




7) Measure Against Your Potential:
Compare yourself to your best, not just if you win. Winning is not everything. Strive to be your best self.



8)Embrace Failure:
When things aren’t going well, don’t hold on tighter. Learn from failures.




9) Understand What’s Important:
Knowing yourself reduces ego. Learn what matters to you so you stay true to yourself. Keep learning from the world. Focus on your goals, not others’.



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