Cost Of Arsonry: Chavakali High Students To Report Back To School With Ksh.8.7M As From 23rd November, 2021.

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Students of Chakavali Boys High School will have to part with KSh 4,050 to cater for the damages following a fire that burnt a dormitory on November 8. 
Board of Management secretary and principal John Warutere said an independent assessment that was done by the Public Works department put the grand damage cost at KSh 8.7 million. 
In a letter sent to parents on Monday, October 15, Warutere said the grand cost will be spread equally among the 2,148 students. 
“This amount must be paid by all students on reporting day and all outstanding fee arrears must be cleared before admission. No cash is accepted in school only bank slips and bankers cheques,” he stated. 

According to the inspection team, the school will need KSh 3.1 million for the repair of the dormitory, another KSh 3.1 million for the damaged doors and windows. School plumbing works will cost KSh 338, 600, stolen and vandalised kitchen items at KSh 498, 200, the school will also spend KSh 342, 000 for the repair of school electrical system and gadgets. 
Other costs include; KSh 50,400 for the items stolen from the school canteen, KSh 273,000 for items stolen from the teachers’ office and KSh 80, 200 for vandalised school vehicle. 

The school will also have to purchase 36 new double-decker beds at a total cost of KSh 540,000 and assorted items for the affected students at a cost of KSh 439, 200.
Meanwhile, the school resumes its normal business on November 23 when Form One students will report back followed by Form Two students on November 24. Other classes will be expected back between November 25 and November 30. 
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