“Kenya Will Be Worse Off If Raila Backs Off..” Seasoned Politician States

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“If Raila Odinga dims his torch as some are wishing, Kenya will be worse off.”



Azimio leader Raila Odinga should not relent in his push to entrench democracy and oversight the Kenya Kwanza administration, former Mukurweini MP Kabando wa Kabando has said.




Kabando said President William Ruto cannot be trusted to uphold the Constitution hence the need for thorough oversight.



“If Raila Odinga dims his torch as some are wishing, Kenya will be worse off. We shouldn’t trust Ruto or his UDA behemoth to uphold democracy.



Vigorous Oversight is needed,” he said on Twitter.


Kabando warned that the President’s party UDA is in overreach and is overzealous.



“Tables turn, times change. What goes round comes round. External vigilance is the best ally. If we let Ruto allied MPs, CSs, PSs blatantly violate protocol and the law, we’ll all suffer…” he said.




The former MP added that Kenyans should defend their basic rights, as firmly enshrined in Chapter 4 of the Constitution. “Let’s promote democracy. We mustn’t ever return to the dark past. Constitution assures dawn,” he reiterated.




Kabando recalled that when some of them criticised retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime over various scams or an onslaught on Parliament, they “were fought in ways we’ve never publicised.”




“If we defended rival Raila on any issue, the cartel system mobilised to fight. Later, critics became victims,” he stated.




Kabando said Kenyans may not know Raila’s endgame with his meetings with the people but they are certain that Ruto is “wrapped in Western powers and fast disentangling China”.




The ex-legislator thanked Ruto for his untiring covert, overt, diligent and zealous networking that fell the Building Bridges Initiative.



“Ruto is a very sharp, focused, brilliant workaholic. But Bill can be hugely intolerant. And he is not in good company at the palace, maybe like Uhuru, but Ruto is sober 24/7,”




He said Kenyans should call out Ruto’s regime for its errors and open threats to muzzle Parliament, entice Judiciary and sanitise graft just as in Uhuru’s era.

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