Founder, Branches, Vision, Fees Structure Of Kitengela International School, KISC

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Kitengela International Schools (KISC) is one of the best learning institutions situated in the outskirts of Nairobi.

Image of the founder, Mr. Mwangangi and the school


KISC British International School offers the British International Curriculum and it is comparatively cheaper to other international schools in Kenya while KISC Girls High School, KISC Primary Schools have adopted the 8.4.4 education system.




Most Kenyans have always wondered who owns the group of institutions and how much it costs for a student to be enrolled in the schools. Worry no more because in this article, we bring you everything you need to know about Kitengela International School (KISC).




Kitengela International School (KISC) owner

KISC was founded by Engineer Paul Mwangangi who doubles as the Managing Director and Chair to the Board of Management.




He gathered funds from his successful engineering career savings and with the help of loans from friends and close family members, he was able to acquire a piece of land just 5 kilometers away from Kitengela town, along the Nairobi – Namanga highway.




He built the school throughout the year and by January 2009, the school was ready to receive the first students. The school has since then grown to open several other branches in Nairobi including a high school.




KISC Leadership and Management

KISC is governed by a board of directors that comprises of Engineer Paul Mwangangi, Mr. Calvin Nyachoti who is the Board Chairman, Dr. Yvonne Katambo who is the Executive Director, Ms Ruth Titus who is the Finance Director and Moses G. Kebaso who is the Chief Financial Officer. Key leaders in the school include Mrs. Jessicah Lugado Demesi who is the principal of KISC Girls High School, Mr. Henry Mucioki Kathagu who is the head of Kitengela International School, Mr. John Ambunya Wanyonyi who is the Head teacher of KISC School Kitengela, Mr. Eric Omukoto who is the Head teacher KISC School Syokimau and Mrs Elizabeth Weigesa Gati who is the Head teacher KISC School Athi River.





KISC School branches

The main campus of Kitengela International School is situated in Kitengela just 30 kilometers away from Nairobi city. The main campus hosts three schools under the same piece of land which include; a Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School and Pre-School, KISC Girls High School and the British System School.




The other branch is located in Syokimau, along the Mombasa road at the Great Wall Apartments and it hosts a Mixed-Day Primary and Pre-School. The last branch is located in Athi River which hosts the KISC Primary School for both boys and girls.



Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Pillars

The school vision is to help students reach their full potential by equipping them with life skills required to make them successful anywhere within this increasingly competitive and changing world. Their mission is basically to strive to provide first class international minded education in a joyful environment that empowers children to achieve academic excellence and high standards of integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship.




Their philosophy is to develop a regular review cycle of vision, mission, curriculum and assessment to strengthen best practices and accountability. The pillars that the school is grounded on include; academic excellence, identifying and nurturing individual talents, value for money and instilling Christian values. The school aspires to be a leading Christian International School in the provision of excellent education for children of ages 3 -18 years.





KISC Fees Structure

KISC Kitengela Fees Structure

New students at KISC Kitengela Primary School are required to pay Ksh 5,000 admission fees, Ksh 2,000 interview fees, between Ksh 6,000 to 12,000 (depending on your class) textbook fund fees, Ksh 1,000 ID Card fees, Ksh 500 assessment report fees, Ksh 1,000 diary fees and Ksh 3,000 Abacus fees for grade 1 -5.




The termly fees for the already enrolled students include Ksh 37,000 for the play group, Ksh 42,000 for the PreSchool, Ksh 47,000 for Grade 1 to 3, Ksh 50,000 for Grade 4, Ksh 52,000 for Grade 5, Ksh 55,000 for Grade 6 and Ksh 60,000 for Grade 7 and 8.





KISC Syokimau Fees Structure

New pupils are required to pay Ksh 2,000 interview fees, Ksh 5,000 admission fees, between Ksh 6,000 and 12,000 text book fund fees, Ksh 1,000 ID Card fees, Ksh 2,000 insurance fees, Ksh 2,000 for report book and Diary fees and Ksh 2,500 ICT Fund fees for children in Play group up to Grade 5. Term fees for continuing students include Ksh 36,650 for Preschool children, Ksh 40,650 for Standard 1 to 3, Ksh 44,650 for Standard 4-5 and Ksh 52,000 for Standard 6 to 8. Transportation fees range between Ksh 4,000 to 19,000 depending on your pick up location.




KISC Girls High School Fees Structure

New Students will pay Ksh 5,000 admission fees just once upon admission, Ksh 1,000 yearly report book fees and Ksh 500 yearly Students ID Card fees. Continuing students will pay a termly fee of Ksh 74,500 for Form 1 and Form 2 and Ksh 84,500 for both form 3 and 4 students.




KISC Athi River Fees Structure

New students will pay Ksh 5,000 admission fees, Ksh 1,000 interview fees, between Ksh 6,000 and 12,000 text book fund fees, Ksh 500 ID Card fees, Ksh 1,000 for Report book and Diary and Ksh 2,000 insurance fees. Continuing students will pay Ksh 31,600 for the Play group, Ksh 46,650 for the Preschool, Ksh 50,650 for Grade 1 to 3, Ksh 54,650 for Grade 4, Ksh 57,650 for Standard 5 and 6 and Ksh 66,650 for Standard 7 and 8.



Transportation charges again vary depending on your location but it is anywhere between Ksh 3,000 to Ksh 27,000 per term.

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