Fresh Alterations By TSC Hit CBC And CBA Training Schedule. See Details

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Fresh Alterations By TSC Hit CBC And CBA Training Schedule. See Detail.

Teachers employer, TSC makes alterations  the training of teachers on Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) and Competency Based Assessement (CBA) training schedule.

Initially the training was scheduled to end on 17th December 2021 for regular and Special Need Education (SNE) teachers will now end on 18th December 2021.

Already the induction of Principal Master Trainers (PMTs) and training of Master Trainers (MTs) together with Curriculum Support Officers (CSOs) and CBC Champions started and will end on Friday.




The Master Trainers, CSOs and CBC Champions are being trained virtually.

Teachers, both regular and those teaching in special schools will be trained face to face in their zones.

There training was to start on 13th December 2021 according to the initial plan.

However on 12th December 2021, the country will be celebrating Jamhuri Day which will be on a Sunday thus making Monday not a working day.

Jamhuri Day (Republic Day) is a national celebrated on 12th December each year.

The target participants for the training will be 2 teachers and the Headteacher from each public primary school both regular and SNE.

The County Directors will identify one teacher from grade 1 to 3 and teacher from grade 4 to 5 (Regular and SNE schools).

The Headteachers and teachers will attend the training for five days during zonal teacher training.

The training of teachers from SNE schools and Arid and Semi Arid Land (Asal) areas will be residential.

TSC Director for Quality Assurance, Dr. Reuben Nthamburi, ordered regional and county directors to identify, procure and prepare training venues for regular zonal teacher training and SNE training with strict adherence to MOH COVID 19 protocol.



Revised CBC & CBA Timetable

TSC together with KNEC have organized for five day training of teachers on CBC and CBA.

During the last CBA training organized by KNEC, teachers were well paid and catered for.

Knec reimbursed the cost of the following;

• Meals (two teas and snacks, two bottles of water and lunch) as well as WIFI at Kshs.700/ = per person per day;

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