IEBC Reveals Who Wanted Form 34A Printed In excess.

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Political tension remains high in the country as fresh details emerge on daily basis. As we speak, there has been



speculations that Smartmatic Company printed form 34A two times while 34B remains questionable. According to NTV presenter’s response as received from




IEBC on questions about the suspicious form 34 A which was duplicated, it is said that IEBC did it with a reason.




She said that IEBC claimed to have done this because there are some stakeholders who demanded to be given extras.

” Although IEBC says that they printed double IEBC booklets of form 34A because extra booklets are needed by the other stakeholders, ” said Ruth Ambogo.




This is something that raises suspicion among Kenyans who are said to have lost confidence in what IEBC is doing.




People have continued coming up with different allegations on what is happening.




Meanwhile, some people have continued defending Chebukati saying people are using the past history to judge him over everything.

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