Important Documents In Filling TPAD For Every Teacher.

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Every Teacher Should have the following 12 Important Documents to Complete Filling TPAD ; Check out.

The Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) is very crucial as it serves the intent of reviewing and improving teaching Standards through systemic appraisal approach. It also help to promote professional development. The Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) Allows the Teachers Service Commission to rate teachers performance as per the agency’s set yardsticks.




Teachers who are employed by the Teachers Service Commission are required to fill and Submit in time TPAD. Teachers are therefore ensure that they have the following documents which will always be checked by the appraisers three times in a term. The documents include

1.Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development records

2.Individualized Educational Progress (IEP) records.

3.Records of work checked weekly.

4.Updated Lesson notes .

5.Lesson observation records




6.Evidence of integration of ICT in learning .

7.Proffessional Development activities.

8.Current personal timetable

9.Course outline.

10.Updated lesson plans .

11.Approved schemes of work plans .

12.Assessment records .








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