Kuccps: Admission Letters And Dates for All students Joining Various Universities,Colleges & TVETS

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Various universities can now admit first years  into their faculties following the recent completion and announcement of the KUCCPS results.



The letters of Admission can be downloaded online.




The  2021 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams (KCSE) candidates have been assigned to their top higher education institutions by the placement organization, KUCCPS.




The links below will take you to the KUCCPS student portal, where you can acquire the admission letter and any other necessary documents: http://students.kuccps.net




The Co-operative University of Kenya (CUK)
Application portal can be used by students who were placed by KUCCPS to attend CUK.



Email admissions@cuk.ac.ke if you have any questions or need any assistance.

The university of Murang’a Admissions letters 

Students at Murang’a university can get their KUCCPS ADMISSION WRITERS.


University of Egerton Admission Letters 

Admission letters, personal information, and medical paperwork for KUCCPS students who have been assigned to Egerton University may be found here: https://t.co/TLxhMO31JQ

University of Meru admission letters 

Access to Admission Letters and Joining Instructions for the (KUCCPS) students joining Meru University in 2022/23 can be found by clicking on this link: https://t.co/1ei8efzoL3

Download your letter of admission and other documentation for Kuccps Sponsored Students online. Please go to https://t.co/O5vdYMYZCF for further information.

University of Kisii admissions letters 

Kisii University 2022/2023 KUCCPS first-year students can view their acceptance letters at https://t.co/1LztMxh6NV via KISII UNIVERSITY.

JKUAT, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

It is time to send out acceptance letters for September’s new students. Only our admittance link https://t.co/45VwTafhdm can be used to acquire these letters.

Muliro State University; Masinde Muliro University admission letters 

Click on this website https://t.co/

Muliro State University; Masinde Muliro University admission letters 

Click on this website https://t.co/dQSqVZKEsp to access the 2022/ 2023 KUCCPS admission letters.



Admission letters to Kenyatta University;


Admissions letters for the 2022/23 Kuccps school year can be found at the link below.





KUCCPS First Year Admissions Letters & Downloads for 2022/23 First Year Students. Take the time to download and read all the documents.


The Catholic University of Eastern Africa’s Marist International University College (MIUC) is a constituent college of MIUC.

People who are placed in MIUC To get your files, go to https://t.co/QJltJG9QS9 to get them


On September 5th 2022, first-year students must report to various Technical and Vocational Education Training Institutions.

In this  year through 2023 will make up the academic year.

The Official timetable for the academic year 2022–2023 has been announced by the state department of vocational and technical training.


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